Browser showdown: which one is right for you?

Back when Internet Explorer was competing against Netscape, users had far fewer things to consider. Nowadays, some users do nearly all their work inside of a web browser, and they have far more options about which program to use. If you’ve ever questioned whether there might be a better way to browse the web, we’ve got your answers right here.

Google Chrome

By just about any metric, Google Chrome has been the browser of choice for many internet users over the last couple years. It’s easy to use and its graphics interface has a low profile. However, if you want to customize Chrome with extensions and apps, there are more than enough options. The bottom line is: this is a good browser for users who spend a lot of time in G-Suite documents, or want the security benefits of frequent patches and updates.

Apple Safari

We might as well start off with the one, glaring drawback of Safari: It’s available only to Apple users. However, if you are working on a macOS or iOS device, Safari has a lot going for it. Ad blocking is built right into the browser, as well as RSS support for aggregating lots of information in one place. And because tabs can be automatically synced across all your Apple devices, we highly recommend Safari for anyone in a Mac environment.  It is our browser of choice internally here at Harrison Technology Consulting since we're mostly macOS users here.

Microsoft Edge

Note that Edge is a different browser than Internet Explorer. The latter still exists, but we’ve decided to skip it for various reasons. Although Edge works only on Windows 10 systems, it has two things going for it. First, Microsoft has announced a feature that will incorporate virtualization into Edge to quarantine downloads for testing before they’re opened on your computer. Second, the Windows 10 browser comes with some fantastic Office 365 integrations. We highly recommend Edge for users working in a business enterprise environment.


Firefox is our preferred browser on the Windows platform due to the culmination of its features, speed, unmatched end user privacy settings, and overall compatibility.  Firefox is also a nice choice on macOS as well for some applications.  Firefox is by far the best general purpose web browser for the Windows platform for far too many reasons to cover here in the blog post.  If you've not used Firefox in a while, maybe it is time to give it another try.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised at what a solid web browsing option it has evolved to in its more recent releases.  It's also still a favorite of many security and privacy advocates across the globe...that says a lot!

Choosing a web browser may seem like such an inconsequential thing, but just think about the rate of cloud adoption. If you plan on utilizing more software-as-a-service solutions in the coming years, one tiny feature in a browser could make all the difference. Contact us today about planning your cloud deployment over the coming years.

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dditional editing by Jason Harrison, Independent Technology Consultant