Breaking News! Apple Announces iPhone 4S!

Today Apple formally announced the iPhone 4S.  While not the rumored iPhone 5 and with little overall aesthetic change to design, the iPhone 4S packs in a whole lot to like!

I personally am very excited about the inclusion of Siri as a deeply integrated digital personal assistant.  I've used the previous Siri app from the app store for quite some time now and it's pretty awesome in it's own right.  Apple purchased Siri about a year or so ago and now we see what they had in mind for this excellent piece of technology.

The new deeply integrated Siri solution goes way above and beyond what the previous Siri app had to offer.  I have been blown away by the demos I've seen thus far.  For me, this makes the iPhone 4S a "must have" device for real voice controlled interaction and integration.  This feature is amazing while driving because you can respond to messages, check weather, update your calendar, make calls, control music playback, and control just about every aspect of the device without doing more than pressing a button and having a conversation with your iPhone.

There is so much more.  Click on over to and take a look for yourself.  Pre-orders start Friday, October 7th.  General availability will be on Friday, October 14th.

Of course, there is also iOS 5 and iCloud on the way also.  If you already have an iPhone 3GS or later, recent iPod Touch,  iPad or iPad2, you will be able to update your device to iOS 5 and it's 200 new features on October 12th.  Way too much to cover here, so click over to the iOS 5 page on Apple's web site to learn more.

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