Steve Jobs

Yesterday ended up being a very sad day for the world.  We lost one of the visionaries of our time.  We lost an incredible human being who has not only changed the direction of technology in a profound way, but also touched the lives a billions of people around the world through his contributions.

CNET News has put together a nice video overview of Steve's life:

Steve Jobs: A life in technology


For me personally, I am deeply saddened by the loss.

I don't think Steve's way too soon departure from this world will have much of an impact on Apple and it's innovative technologies moving forward.  Steve has left the company in great hands and has worked to infuse his vision, his passion, and that element that made Steve unique into the heart and soul of the company.  Steve will live on as the heart and soul of Apple, Inc.  He will be a perpetual inspiration to everyone at Apple and billions of people around the world for a long time to come.

Our hearts go out to Steve's family, friends, and colleagues.

Rest in peace Steve Jobs.  Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you shared.

You will be sorely missed.